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Helping you to create mutually beneficial relationships with your consumers



Establishing long-lasting bonds with them

You will be able to take advantage of the  collective intelligence of your consumers over time.

Our team will promote key actions so that you will have more success with your customers.

More success with your customers

Long-lasting bonds

What can you do to create relations of trust with your consumers?


 Avoiding dissatisfaction

What can you do to create products and services more aligned with your users?


Making satisfaction visible
What can you do to make your clients share their satisfaction?


Learning from your consumers

We provide you with the keys to learn from the spontaneous conversations of your consumers.

Our team of analysts, supported by our technological solution, will capture, contextualize and interpret the online conversations to understand your consumers' needs.

Their Suggestions

Their suggestions

What do they expect?
What do they recommend?
What changes/modifications do they suggest?


Their doubts

What are their doubts?
What do they ask each other?


Their experiences
What are their feelings?
Do they defend your products when they are criticized?

Their dissatisfactions
What negative aspects do they highlight? How can this help to improve?

Our solution guarantees a more efficient use of resources, cost savings and, above all, greater consumer satisfaction.

Analyzing your users' conversations 
Setting up the technology to learn from the spontaneous on-line conversations of your audience.

Identifying needs
Combining technology with human supervision to identify the real desires of your customers throughout time.

Implementing key learnings
Enabling your company to learn from the expectations of consumers.

Enabling communication channels
Implementing the channels for your customers to help each other and enabling you to make use of their knowledge.

Identifying key decisions
From the evolution of consumers’ expectations, we can identify key actions for greater success.

Facilitating the development of the actions needed to establish better and longer-lasting bonds with your consumers. Helping both employees in your organization and external agents to collaborate to help you have greater success with your audience.

Quantifying your success and planning new actions
Enumerating the changes that have generated positive connections with your publics. Facilitating the viewing and sharing of milestones achieved. Anticipating and planning new actions.

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